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Dissemination of electrical knowledge and techniques covering, beyond compliance with applicable law, recognition of practices and procedures to ensure personal and property safety.

Electrical maintenance plans:

Development of preventive/preditive maintenance execution plans, maintenance procedures, and maintenance historical.

Legislation compliance support:

Inspections and audits ensuring compliance with the Ministry of Labor's Standards.

Electrical projects:

Evaluation of expansion and/or revision of electrical installations, coordination and management of electrical projects, technical specifications, and comissioning management of electrical installations.

Electrical studies:

Problems and failures analysis of the electrical system and equipment, electrical protection analysis, industrial power system studies and simulations, photovoltaic solar energy studies.

Specific studies:

Hazardous areas, static electricity, incident energy (electric arc flash), partial discharge, and electrical hazop.


Performing measurements on electrical and occupational safety areas.

DF LARA is a company specialized in engineering and consulting whose operating model consists of seven business lines: specific studies, electrical studies, electrical projects, Legislation compliance support, electrical maintenance plans, training, and measurements.


Founded in Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil, in 2014, with mission to add value to companies, people and organizations in the sustainable achievement of its objectives and results with application of renewable engineering resources.


Learn a little more about the DF LARA and how we can support you.

Welcome to DF LARA

DF LARA Consultive Engineering

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