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Competitive Advantages

Technical Expertise

We have considerable expertise in electrical engineering, from design phase, construction and maintenance. This allows us to take customized and competitive solutions to the needs of our Customers.


Planning and management of services

For technical and commercial proposal preparation, we conduct a detailed situation analysis, including technical site visits, when necessary, in order to ensure that the proposed solution will fully meet the needs of our Customers. We develop activites planning suitable to services scope. During the activities we maintain a constant monitoring of delivery progress.


Market Knowledge

Our market knowledge allows us to form important partnerships for integrated fulfillment of the Customers needs, both in volume and in time.


Business Model focused on Customers

Our business model allows us to deliver customized solutions, of high-quality, innovative, efficient and effective, and with highly competitive cost and time.


Strong relationships with our Customers

We develop and maintain strong relationships with our Customers on a long-term perspective, taking the solutions and generating specific alternatives suitable for your needs.


Geographical Positioning

Our headquarters is in Porto Alegre / RS and we have facility to meet anywhere in Brazil. Through current communication access forms and information exchange, we can shorten time and distance.


Lifetime of the DF LARA

Although a new company in the market, the DF LARA was born with a baggage of experience of over 30 years of engineering activities. In addition, we use modern and innovative concepts and business model, fully designed to meet our CUstomers needs.

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