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Technical Director

Dagoberto Faleiro de Lara, Electrical and Occupational Safety Engineer, is the Technical Director at DF LARA and is responsible for add value to Customers in several areas.


He has previously served as Project Coordinator at large petrochemical company. With over 30 years of experience as an engineer, responsible for the execution, maintenance, and coordination of projects in large petrochemical complex, has extensive experience of industrial electric power systems, including generation and distribution substations, grounding systems, reliability and stability of electrical systems, electrical system and equipment protection, hazardous areas, electrostatic control in liquids and dust, assessment in partial discharges, transformers insulation oil analysis, and arc flash studies for personal protection equipment (clothing) specification and arc flash protection limits definition.


Dagoberto earned his B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from PUCRS in 1983, graduate school in Computer Technology: Emphasis on Software from PUCRS in 1992, and Occupational Safety Engineering from Universidade Cândido Mendes in 2015. He is Inspector of ABNT - NBR 5410 Low Voltage Electrical Installations, and inspector of ABNT - NBR 14039 Medium Voltage Electrical Installations.


He has served as the Technical Responsible for COPESUL by CREA-RS from 2000 to 2011. Was Member of the ABIQUIM Automation Committee from 2004 to 2007, and he is currently Member of IEEE and ISA.


He had participation in activities in the US, Finland and Sweden, and courses / meetings in Germany, US, Canada and Argentina.


Dagoberto is a frequent speaker at industry workshops and seminars for dissemination of knowledge in electrostatics, hazardous area classification, arc flash, NR 10 and NR 20. He had published technical article on the NR 10 issue.


He was founding partner of BLG Engineering and Services in 1983/1984, and was managing partner of MICROPLUS (microcomputers manufacturing and maintenance) in 1984/1985. Currently is founding partner and Technical Director of DF LARA since 2014.

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