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Customers Benefits

DF LARA aims the following benefits to its Customers:


  • Reduction of operating losses for unscheduled production stoppages, by anticipation of failures, and optimization of business continuity and maintenance costs, with safety as a key success factor.


  • Quality of facilities, operational reliability, optimization of the lifecycle total cost, and compliance with standards and legislation, already in the design phase.


  • Technical optimization of schedule and cost for electrical equipment acquisition to new industrial facilities.


  • Risks mitigation to people and facilities through procedures and safety installations, and compliance with legislation.


  • Adequacy of purchase, certification and installation of equipment and materials for use in hazardous areas, with possible time and cost reduction.


  • Guarantee of safe electrical installations and procedures complying with legislation.


  • Knowledge dissemination on technical standards and legislation focusing personal and patrimonial safety.

Why choose DF LARA
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