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Services Focus

DF LARA focuses on services for companies, individuals and organizations that:


  • Need to assess or develop the classification of hazardous area with explosion risk (gas, vapor and dust) with suitability and equipment purchases.


  • Have doubts about electrostatic ignition risks in procedures and technical specification of equipment, especially in projects and operations of storage, loading and unloading, handling and maintenance.


  • Need to mitigate the arc flash risks.


  • Lack of solutions to failures and improper actuations of electrical protection, and solution of problems involving electrical systems and equipment, from generation and electricity distribution.


  • Require technical support on legislation and standards, and compliance with Ministry of Labor's Standards (Brazilian NR's) in audits (including of insurance).


  • Need to ensure the safety of their electrical facilities and procedures.


  • Require the implementation of predictive / preventive maintenance of electrical installations with reliability, safety and cost optimization, including transformers insulation oil analysis management, and evaluation of insulation for medium voltage electrical machines by partial discharges technique.


  • Demand evaluate the expansion and / or revision of electrical installations, including power factor evaluation and power quality assessment.


  • Need technical and cost optimization for new industrial installations, including risks evaluation for the system and its operation (electrical HAZOP).


  • Lack of standards and technical specifications for electrical installation projects, or need to make the purchase and equipment acceptance, considering technical quality, cost and time.


  • Require the startup of electrical installations with safety, quality, and time.

Why choose DF LARA
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