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Specific Studies
  • Hazardous Area (with the possibility of an explosive atmosphere):

- Hazardous area classification

- Equipment specification for use in hazardous area

- Support for equipment purchase for use in hazardous area

- Support for equipment certification for use in hazardous area

- Inspections of installations in hazardous area

- Legal compliance verification of equipment

- Hazardous area installations audits


  • Electrostatic:

- Ignition risk assessment, specially in storage, loading and unloading, on phases of:

- design

- operation and handling

- maintenance

- Assessment and support in NR-10 and NR-20 presciptions

- Support in insurance audits


  • Incident energy from arc flash:

- Arc flash estudies

- Risk mitigation

- Equipment specification, signaling, clothing (PPEs) and procedures

- Studies on power supply equipment for IT rooms (servers rooms)


  • Partial discharges:

- Electrical insulation life cycle situation assessment for medium voltage machinery

- Equipment specification and measurement system specification


  • Electrical system HAZOP:

- Risk assessment of electrical system

- Evaluation of operating and maintenance risks

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